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Gaddar on the plight of the Vote.

After attempting a translation of one of Gorati Venkanna’s songs, I wanted to do the same with the fountainhead himself – Gaddar. His songs have been playing in my ears and thoughts, but this recent article on Round Table India … Continue reading

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The Brahminical as hegemonic ideology and the Dalit-Bahujan counter

Most ideas in this post are borrowed from the writing of Kuffir Nalgundwar, Anoop Kumar, Karthik Navayan Battula , Sri Chintala, and others on Facebook, and on Round Table India. I’ve tried to combine them with my reading of the … Continue reading

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What is the Telangana movement about? The grievances.

Should there be a separate Telangana state or not? While expressing themselves in various ways, family, friends, and acquaintances from Andhra Pradesh sheepishly admit that they are speaking without much depth. The events of the last few years seem to … Continue reading

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Telangana, Regional Identity, and the Telugu Language

* The focus of this article is on the discord. A companion article or a more comprehensive one also showing the positive exchanges, assimilation, and bonds between the regions over the last 100 years would be of great value. ** … Continue reading

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Gabbilam III

continued from here: parts I, II (Gabbilam in the original Telugu/transliteration/my translation) గౌరీనాథుఁడు కాశికిం జనెడు మార్గంబందు రా మేఘపుం బాఱన్ జుక్కలతోఁట నాటుకొని మింటన్నీకుఁ గంపట్టు నా దారిం బొమ్మొకవేళఁ జూచెదవు భూతస్వామిని న్నీకుఁ జ త్వారం బేర్పడి దారిఁ దప్పెదవుగాదా భానుఁడేతెంచినన్ gaurInAthu@mDu kASikiM janeDu mArgambaMdu rA … Continue reading

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Telangana: Fighting cultural hegemony or courting cultural suicide?

What can one say about the self-hatred of the Telugus? The bankruptcy and collapse of politics in Andhra Pradesh has made a monster of the Telangana movement. It is incomprehensible how the elected representatives have not been able to have … Continue reading

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అంతే జాషువా అంతే

అంతే జాషువా అంతే నువ్వు గుంటూరు వాడవు నీతో మాకింక పని లేదు అంతే ట్యాంకు బండు మీద మాకు కాళోజీ దాశరథి కావాలె వాళ్ళు లేకపోవడం నీ తప్పే అంతే నువ్వేంది, నీ కథేంది మాకు లెక్క లేదంతే అంతే జాషువా అంతే ఇంతే మేమింతే యావత్ భారతంలో వివక్షల అంతం కోసం నువ్వు … Continue reading

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