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Gaddar on the plight of the Vote.

After attempting a translation of one of Gorati Venkanna’s songs, I wanted to do the same with the fountainhead himself – Gaddar. His songs have been playing in my ears and thoughts, but this recent article on Round Table India … Continue reading

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The Brahminical as hegemonic ideology and the Dalit-Bahujan counter

Most ideas in this post are borrowed from the writing of Kuffir Nalgundwar, Anoop Kumar, Karthik Navayan Battula , Sri Chintala, and others on Facebook, and on Round Table India. I’ve tried to combine them with my reading of the … Continue reading

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Gabbilam III

continued from here: parts I, II (Gabbilam in the original Telugu/transliteration/my translation) గౌరీనాథుఁడు కాశికిం జనెడు మార్గంబందు రా మేఘపుం బాఱన్ జుక్కలతోఁట నాటుకొని మింటన్నీకుఁ గంపట్టు నా దారిం బొమ్మొకవేళఁ జూచెదవు భూతస్వామిని న్నీకుఁ జ త్వారం బేర్పడి దారిఁ దప్పెదవుగాదా భానుఁడేతెంచినన్ gaurInAthu@mDu kASikiM janeDu mArgambaMdu rA … Continue reading

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