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అంతే జాషువా అంతే

అంతే జాషువా అంతే నువ్వు గుంటూరు వాడవు నీతో మాకింక పని లేదు అంతే ట్యాంకు బండు మీద మాకు కాళోజీ దాశరథి కావాలె వాళ్ళు లేకపోవడం నీ తప్పే అంతే నువ్వేంది, నీ కథేంది మాకు లెక్క లేదంతే అంతే జాషువా అంతే ఇంతే మేమింతే యావత్ భారతంలో వివక్షల అంతం కోసం నువ్వు … Continue reading

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Gabbilam II

The original Gabbilam (see earlier post) came out in 1941 . There is a single online reference to an English translation by M.B. Rajarao, published in 1975/76 by Nava Veda Publications. Another translation into English by Kaki Madhava Rao was … Continue reading

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Gorati Venkanna on the new dora 

Gorati Venkanna is among the well known praja kavulu or people’s poets in Telugu. A good collection of his songs is here. In the song ‘Wah wah re mA dora’*, the poet alerts his fellows to the new ways of … Continue reading

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Gabbilam I

Velcheru Narayana Rao’s book on 20th century Telugu poetry, Hibiscus on the Lake, has translations for two excerpts from Gurram Jashuva’s long poem Gabbilam. In a short introduction to Jashuva in the book, he writes: Born in an outcaste community … Continue reading

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Tanguturi Prakasam – Naa Jeevita Yatra

Prakasam pantulu‘s daredevilry is the stuff of legend. The early signs were there, in a colorful childhood. This is an excerpt from his autobiography Naa Jeevita Yatra (My Life’s Journey, complete text available online here). My translation follows. “….నాయుడు పేటలో … Continue reading

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